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In our store you will find used in spatial printers3d filaments. Materials They are characterized by various properties depending on the material from which they are made. In this category, we present nylon filaments. They are intended fortps: // ">3d printing in FDM technologyfor intermediate people and professionals.

Nylon filament - a material with unusual properties

Offeredfilamentwas made of nylon. This is the common name for everyday polyamides. They have different properties depending on the chemical compounds from which they are synthesized.

They are used in various ways in 3D printing filament types nylon. They are marked with numbers, and the most common variants are P6, P11 and P12. The presented material is a very strong and durable material, and to some extent"">flexible filament. It is characterized by a high melting point, high mechanical strength and a low coefficient of friction. Moreover, filament 3dit has a high resistance to aggressive chemicals, which is why it is so often used in the production of industrial parts.

Filamentsmade of nylon are characterized by high hygroscopicity, which means that they absorb inquantity. As a result, printed models can be processed using liquid chemicals, such as dyes or spray paints. During operation, the material requires a nozzle temperature of 220 ℃ -270 ℃ and a heated platform between 75 ℃ and 90 ℃. It is recommended to use dabout3d printersclosed chamber . In this way, a constant temperature will be provided, which will prevent deformation of the material and limit the flow of cold air.

Nylon 3D filaments and their application

You will find usfilamentsmade of nylon P12. Some products have been enriched with the addition of carbon fibers, thanks to which they are characterized by even higher mechanical strength and thermal resistance. Matter3d are sold in spools with a fiber diameter of 1.75 mm. Filaments are used in FDM technology. P12 nylon is used to make industrial prototypes, drone parts, instrumentation used in manufacturing companies and automotive parts.

If you are looking for a durable and flexible material for a 3d printer, choose the proposed one filament., responding to the needs of customers, presents products that are intended for both hobby and professional use.other.

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