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Multifunctional line modules

Linear technology has been present in the industry and in our homes for many years. Sometimes it is an uncomplicated mechanism like a roller guide for a drawer, and other times it is an extremely important element 3D printers.Linear modules they come in various forms and with I doand linear,rail guides, trolleys, precision guide rollers, rollers on supports andref = "">propellers form a complex linear technique.Linear modules with stepper motor They are extremely popular in the machine automation industry, because due to their properties, they are easy to install, and at the same time extremely functional. Thanks to its features it is possible use of linear modules on different ways. What distinguishes the linear technique?

Advantages of line modules

Linear modules they are widely used both in basic household appliances and in professional machines of the largest production plants. This is due to several of the most important features that distinguish these types of mechanisms. We can include among them:

  • compact sizethanks to which linear modules can be installed in almost any machine,
  • quiet operation, which provides greater comfort to the operator of the device,
  • lightness,thanks to which presence of a linear module o does not significantly affect the overall dimensions of the machine,
  • durability,
  • reliabilityex.

The key is onlyproviding line modules with adequate protection which will protect them against dirt or moisture.

A popular module, used in many machines such as milling machines, plotters or CNC engraving machinest linear module of the Z axis . It consists of bearings and hardened steel shafts. As you can see, the modules are widely used in many industries. Therefore, in In our online store you will find products of leading manufacturers who produce the highest class components for machines. Check all linear modules at

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