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Suppression filters

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Active filters

Suppression filters otherwise it is called network filters. Their installation reduces impulse voltages that are induced mechanically or through electronic operations. If left unchecked, interference will propagate through the wires, resulting in frequent system failures, uncontrolled errors, and poorly read indicators.

Anti-interference network filters

Line filters reduce voltage disturbances in various systems and devices. Their task is to prevent the formation and conversion of unwanted radio waves. Interference arises during operation: // engines ">enginewhen there is a slight sparking at the points of contact. All electronic devices are equipped with anti-interference filters, but the exception are car radios, which do not have them. In the event of poor sound quality in the car, first of all, check the entire electrical installation. After a thorough service, when the problem persists, it is worth installing an anti-interference filter that will effectively reduce the problem.

PrThe anti-interference equipment suppresses radio waves from the network with a frequency of 100 Hz to 30 MHz. If the signals are higher than 10 MHz, the operation of the equipment is influenced not only by its technical specifications, but also by the method of installation, as well as the type and arrangement of the filter. The models offered in our store work with such equipmentem like: impulse power supplies, converters, inverters and computers.

Car noise filters - what should you pay attention to?

The devices are manufactured for a rated current from 0.5 A to 1200 A in single-phase or two-phase versions. Another important parameter is the input and output voltage. In our offer you will find 230 V anti-interference filters , as well as widely used 12 V products. The devices fit all car models. They eliminate annoying disturbances generated by the engine ignition system, wipers or the blower motor.12 V anti-interference filters improve the performance of radio, CD, CB radio and audio amplifier. The appropriate parameters of the devices are also influenced by the insertion loss, leakage current, climate category and current carrying capacity at an ambient temperature higher than 40 ℃.

In our assortment you will find a variety

suppression filters. store offers a very large selection at low prices. All line filters ensure EMC-compliant power supply through appropriate limitations. See also our offer"">capacitors and inverters .

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