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Construction and application of industrial engines

Industrial motors and drives are the basic actuators in industrial automation. we offer AC and DC motors ,stepper motors, servo motors andbrushless motors.Thanks to the highest quality, all products are characterized by the durability of mechanical elements and a low number of maintenance works.

Roindustrial engines

We distinguish among industrial motors among others DC motors . These are devices that change electrical energy (direct voltage) into mechanical energy. In most cases, the armature winding is powered by a commutator located on the rotor, which means that DC motors are usually commutator type.

Construction of a DC motor it is not complicated. The monolithic housing contains brushes, a commutator, a stator and a rotor (rotor), which spins around its axis during operation. For users, this means that the number of moving mechanical parts is reduced to a minimum, which translates into a lower failure rate. Principledc motor operation nie has changed significantly since 1821, namely a magnetic field is created between two magnets, there is also a conductor and a commutator with brushes. The magnetic field, in combination with the electric current, creates a torque.

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