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Handheld 3D scanners

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Handheld 3D scanner has its application in architecture, energy, production of forms and small elements. It is also used in machine building as well as in the performance of various tests. It is characterized by high ergonomics, because it fits perfectly, and the entire scanning process, unlike/ ">stationary scanners can be controlled with one hand. Our offer includescheap handheld 3D scanner , and each model differs in terms of construction, size and type of laser it is equipped with.

Handheld scanner - offers high-quality scanners

Handheld scanners are a very convenient solution because they have many functions and are dedicated to many market segments. Depending on the model portable handheld scanner saves your scans on a microSD card so you can easily transfer them to a Word file. It is very quiet and light, therefore it will be perfect for any workplace. Average models also have properties such as traffic lights when scanned correctly or badly. In addition, a small display and a profiled head allow it to be freely moved over the scanned material. Manual ska3D laser nerfdoes not requirescanning spraythe laser alone is enough to capture moving, ptransparent and shiny parts.

Handheld 3D scanner - types of portable scanners

The offer of handheld scanners that are available in our assortment is very diverse and is constantly expanding. Below we present a few models that are worth being interested in.

Handheld 3D scanner from the KSCAN Magic seriesit is the most versatile and has a built-in photogrammetry system. It enables measurement with both red and blue lasers. Compared to others, it stands out due to its excellent performance. It is a very fast device that can be easily set up to work. In addition, it has the ability to switch operating modes to specific applications, which significantly improves its efficiency.

Nextmobile handheld scanner is Peel 3D. It is a low-cost model, which is ideal for people who have a limited budget to buy equipment. However, a lower price does not mean that the product does not meet its intended use. With the scanner shown, you can create high qualityand 3D scans of both small and large objects. Most of them can be scanned without prior preparation as their shape is detected automatically. In addition, the ability to scan liquid and moving objects is a big plus.

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