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3D scanners are devices that collect as much information from the environment as possible about the shape and appearance of objects in order to create a digital model. Then, three-dimensional prints are made on its basis. We distinguish a few scanners that have specific functions.

Various types of spatial scanners

Structured light scanners are designed to display a pattern of light on the scanned object. Selection patterns are tracked by a single webcam or multiple cameras, which also capture the color. Structured light 3D scanner can capture large size in seconds. It is worth emphasizing that its rays are not harmful to the eyes, therefore it can also be used to scan people. However, this type of scanner can have a problem scanning items that are shiny and dark. ">3D laser scannersit works through projection and laser point, beam or multiple beams of objects. Then they capture the reflections of the laser with sensors. Their great advantage is accuracy and high resolution. They are definitely less sensitive to ambient light and work well when scanning glossy or dark surfaces. It is worth noting, however, that the problem appears when scanning transparent or translucent surfaces.

3D scanners for texturecan create high-quality 3D scans of both small and large objects. Most objects can be scanned without prior preparation as their shape is automatically detected. The texture scanner allows you to scan liquid substances, just use self-adhesive targets.

Handheld 3D scanners they are a very convenient solution, because they are small and you can take them everywhere with you, which allows you to scan very hard-to-reach places. In addition, they are ergonomic, perfectly fit in the hand and have a very high accuracy during scanning.

ef = "">Desktop 3D scannersThey are extremely handy and are primarily used to scan large objects. During scanning, they are placed on a special surface, which significantly improves the operation of the device.

3D scanners - a modern and convenient option

There is a large selection of scanners, so it is worth considering which model will suit you best. We divide scanners depending on what we want to scan. If larger objects, a stationary scanner will be much better, while if you want to print smaller items, then you should buy a manual scanner at the beginning. All productsoffered by the Outlet3D store are of high quality, therefore they will certainly meet your expectations.

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