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3D printers, and with them spatial prints, are constantly developing. Advanced projects require newer and more durable filaments. With their help, you can create functional solutions with very accurate dimensions, which are used in various structures and devices. We present filam in this categoryent hips, the material is often used as a support material.

Hips filament - technical specification

3d filamentsis a group of thermoplastics used for additive printing in FFF technology. Depending on the type of material, they have different physical and chemical properties. Some are easy to use, while others are easy to process and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Presentedfilament hipsis a high-impact polystyrene, which in 3D printers can be used as a support material and a material suitable for printing models and prototypes. Its characteristic feature is the fact that it dissolves in the limonene environment, which is why it is most often combined ">ABS material. Anotherfilament types they are not resistant to this chemical and therefore are much less common in combination with hips.

Filament for a 3d printerin techFFF technology requires a heated print bed to a temperature of 100-115 ℃, the recommended printing temperature is 230-245 ℃. Moreover, the manufacturers suggest thatfilamentuse in closed chamber printers . The cover will ensure a constant printing temperature, and thus high quality 3D printing.

3D hips filament and its properties

Available filamentsare opaque and have a satin surface when printed. In our store, we offer hips of various colors, ranging from a natural, cream color to black. The products have a standard fiber diameter of 1.75 mm. Presented mate3d rials are wound on a spool and their average net weight is 1000 g.

3d filament,although it is usually used as a support for ABS, it has high strength parameters. It tolerates machining well, it can be incised, drilled and ground. What's more, it is fully biodegradable. If you are looking for a professional 3d printer material, please choose this fileament. sells products from proven brands that guarantee durability.

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