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Remote control is one of the functions of the device, thanks to which it is possible to transfer commands from the control unit to the executive unit from a physically distant place. They are helpful in this task remote control modules.

RC remote control modules - its function and other types available

The presented module is mainly used for devices such as PlayStation, but apart from that, it is also suitable for all remotely operated vehicles. This product is characterized by a long range. Modules intended for use in children's toys have a guarantee of the highest quality, and their advanced technology is completely safe and reliable during use.

Remote control modules with remote control <span> allow for remote control of electrical equipment or machines. Inside the remote control there is a module and a system that generates signals corresponding to the selected button. The generated code goes to the transmitter, which then sends a signal to the device. In our store you will ">expansion modules andnetwork nodes .

In addition to this on our site are also available 12V remote control modules, which enable the implementation of many tasks. They are mainly used in controlling lighting, motors and power plantsikami and other devices. The maximum load of each channel is 7 A at 230 A, or 10 A at 12 V. This equipment is designed to switch and ">switching off electrical devicesincl. lighting, heating, air conditioning or other devices of daily use. It operates at a frequency of 433 MHz, and thanks to radio communication, it works at a distance of up to 70 m. In addition, the module can also switch devices on 12 V / 24 V and 230 V, which makes it a perfect solution for roller blinds control. , a window, a door, a gate, an armchair or a lift.

Remote modulesmaintenance - advantages and disadvantages

Remote maintenance has become very popular due to its convenient and simple application. Due to the network connection, remote maintenance is now an excellent alternative to on-site support in many application areas. When performing remote maintenance, a remote connection is required between one device and the other. As the data is transferred, the technician can see what the user is doing on the other device. Active transmission allows the technician to control the device on his own and allows the system or machine to be monitored without having to be in the vicinity of all the equipment.

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