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3D printing - innovative technology for everyone

Today, the development of technology offers many innovations, and one of the most popular has become 3D printers.They are multifunctional devices that will create almost anything you design. They are aimed at all inventors, creators and designers. They effectively help in the implementation of more and more complex projects. If you are looking for support in your company or want to develop your hobby, choose one of the devices, which are the 3 printers we offerD. offers a lot of top quality products that will take your activities to a higher level.

Professional 3D printers only at

In our store, we offerprofessional 3d printersthat use a variety of additive manufacturing technologies. Depending on the type, they have a slightly different application. They are most often used asps: // ">industrial 3d printersas they significantly reduce production costs.

The SLA technology is a pioneering method by which it is created 3d printing.The technique uses liquid photopolymer resins from which objects are then produced.ef = "">3d printer slais considered one of the mostcost-effective devices. It combines a very high print quality and maintains the smoothness of the printed elements.

The FDM technology belongs to the group of additive techniques which characterize the extrusion of material from the printing heads. One of the main advantages of printers is the possibility of processing many types of plastics. Moreover, the material used determines the properties of the created object. The technique is one of the most economical production methods. Thermoplastic materials that are used in the technology are ABS, PC, nylon, ABS-ESD7 and ">Fdm printerit is most commonly used to create prototypes, models and functional part designs.

The DLP technology is based on the curing of the photopolymer material with the help of light radiation from a special projector. In this method, the accuracy of printing depends on the size of the irradiated pixel. The latest systems use several projectors to increase the range of the working area. The printed objects are characterized by great attention to detail and durability. Dlp printer </ b>it is used in industries that require high accuracy. These include medicine, dentistry and biotechnology.

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