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Filamentsused for 3d printing are thermoplastics used in FFM / FDM technology. Offered by us3d materials They are made of various thermoplastics with different physical and chemical properties. In the store you will find a wide selection of products. We offer filamentymade ofpla, abs,nylon, petand others.

PLA filament - what is it?

Filaments are the first3d materials which must be purchased upon purchase of the printer. These types of products are most often made of materials such asabs.Pla filamentsare polylactide materials made of natural, fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly ingredients. Printouts are glossy, smooth and have highly saturated colors. In our store, we offer products of various colors, starting with white and ending with a rainbow spool. Most often you will find filament pla 1.75which means its diameter. It is especially recommended to all beginners who are just starting their adventure with 3D printing.

In turn filament absIt was made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a material that is formed in the production of crude oil. It iselements of the car interior and housings of household appliances are most often made. Due to the specification of the material, the printed objects have a matte surface and slightly less saturated colors. Choosing between pla, a absit is worth considering which material is more functional and easier to work with.

Filament PLA or ABS - differences

The biggest difference between pla and abs is the melting point. Depending on the product model you choose, these values are subject to change. By default, it is assumed that abs filamentit melts at a temperature of 230-270 ℃, in turn pla print temperatureis 190-220 ℃. Moreover, abs requires a heated table and a closed chamber. Whereas pla filamentcan be used on a cold work surface. Parameter pla densityis about 1.3 g / cm3, apla temperatureit is much lower than abs, which makes it easier to work with this material.

Wondering if to choose filamentpla or abs, remember that pla is easier to work with. The material is recommended for beginners and intermediate users. It is biodegradable, so it can be used in an aquatic environment. In turn, abs is a material that is slightly more difficult to process. It is recommended for more experienced people. Suitable for pthe production of items that are used frequently and exposed to higher temperatures.

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