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Allrelays are the basic element of every control. It is a tool that allows you to run and manage control on a large industrial scale. However, they also have their application in the household. They are mainly used to turn light or bulbs on and off.

Typee relays - time and bistable relays

Time relays have a number of functions in home and industrial automation systems. They are widely used because they can control ventilation, heating, lighting or traffic lights, and most importantly, they are used to switch devices on and off. They are increasingly used in home smart home systems. Compared to other relays, they are distinguished by the fact that they can be used in specific time ranges. Depending on the model, their functions are designed at the factory or individually by the user. The time relays can delay making, disconnecting or disconnecting, and keep the device running for a specified period of time.

Bistable relays are differentalso the electrical component of the device, which is designed to control the flow of energy in electrical circuits. Based on the user's activity, e.g. after pressing a button, it sends a signal that closes or opens an electrical circuit. This allows you to enable or disable the receptionik. This type of relays is mainly used in lighting installations, in particular in passageways, staircases, in large rooms, offices or production halls. One of the main advantages of bistable relays is the saving of electricity, which translates into lower operating costs of the installation and a reduction in the negative impact on the natural environment.

Pr12 V relays - thorough analysis

Among the products that can be found in our store, you can also find230 V relays <span> / 12 V, which means that thanks to them it is possible to control it from the control panel. The relay for controlling 230 V devices is located from the control panel, and its operation is via 12 V. It can also be controlled from other devices. It is also used to control and signal states, e.g. in alarm systems or access control. It is used among devices with high power consumption through OC inputs of alarm systems. If you are looking for an exact type relay, check out our categories:

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