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Currently, the most common 3D printing technology is fdm. The method of processing thermoplastics was developed in the 1990s by Stratasys. Print fdmwas created in order to create the first control copies faster, which had a positive effect on industrial development. Currently, technology uses easy-to-process materials that work well in prototyping, functional testing, and even creating ready-made elements used in a variety of machines.

3D fdm printing - what is it?

3D printingin fdm it is formed by the deposition of successive layers of molten thermoplastic material. Compared to other devices of this type building fdm 3d printera bit different. Its most important parts include: a two-head printing module, a spool for winding support and model material, a working platform and printing heads.

At first, the thermoplastic material in the form of a line is wound on a spool, and after reaching through ">extruderof the right temperature, it is introduced into the print head, where its consistency turns into a semi-liquid. Then, the molten material is pressed and spread layer by layer on the build plate until the desired quality of the printed element is obtained. Full printing of the model requires multiple passes of the headthe printing service. It affects the entire process building fdm printerwhich varies depending on the model selected. Moreover, remember that in technologyfdm, 3d printingrequires special support structures that are generated from a separate print head. Depending on the model of the device, they can be broken off later or dissolved in a special solution.

The fdm printer - the most important technical data

If you decide to choose an fdm printer in our store, remember that each device has adjustable selected process parameters. These include temperaturetps: // ">printing nozzles , the size of the build plate, the height of the material layer applied, the model construction time and the speed of the cooling fan. The most important parameters that are worth paying attention to are the area of the working space and the height of the layer applied. It depends on them how big and accurate the fdm will bespan>. Check out our proposed 3d printers. offers many models of devices at low prices. Industrial 3d printingIt has never been easier than now.