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Brushless BLDC motors

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How do BLDC brushless motors work?

Unlike conventional DC motors , brushless models do not use brushes, and instead drive operation is based on an electrically controlled commutator that supplies voltage to the rotor windings. As a result, the coils inBrushless BLDC motorremain stationary and the magnets are on the rotor. Standard brushless motors haveaja rated voltage of 12, 24, 36 or 48 VDC. An important element of the brushless motor is the Hall sensor, which, in combination with the controller, creates a closed-loop feedback system. As a result, the speed of the drive can be kept constant despite the load.

Advantages of brushless motors

No brushes in the BLDC brushless motorIt has several advantages that are important for each device. First of all, the immobile coils are affectedconsiderably affect the durability of the engine. Fewer moving parts means less risk of failure, and the only thing that can limit the life of the brushless motor is wear of bearings and neodymium magnets.

Another important feature of BLDC brushless motors there is definitely better torque characteristics compared to conventional brush drives. As a result, the brushless motor can operate in a wider range of revolutions. What's more, brushless motor constructionalso translates to corbetter thermal characteristics. In practice, this means that Brushless BLDC motors do not require additional cooling .

All thoseadvantages of brushless motors make them widely used in many industries. BLD can find, among others in:

  • toys,

  • remotely controlled vehicles,

  • electric and hybrid vehicles,
  • cooling fans,

  • power tools,

  • in household appliances.

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