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A regulator is a device that is used to monitor and regulate various parameters, in particular temperature, humidity, pressure or gas concentration. Its main task is to keep the deviation between the values as small as possible.

Automation controller - functions and application

Regulator, in other words frequency converter ,Its purpose is to determine the amount of the error by comparing the input setpoint with the output setpoint. The controller generates a control signal of an appropriate value, which depends on the size of the error at the appropriate time. In addition, it has to provide dynamic properties such asthe system was regulated stably and provided the required quality of regulation. The entire control system consists of automation elements, which include measuring and actuating devices, as well as the control object itself.

InIn addition to traditional regulators, you will also find the assortment of the store power factor regulator . It is a device that controls the capacitor bank. We have regulators that can control 3 to 18 steps in the battery.It is worth noting that some regulators can control not only the stage with a capacitor, but also with a compensation choke. All available regulators have been designed to meet the requirements of modern electrical systems and the expectations of users. The main factors that should be met by power regulators include, first of all, reliability, the ability to work in various conditions and the ability to detect critical system conditions.

Regulatotime r - technical data and method of operation

Timers are used to automatically switch on andef = "">switching off electrical devices. The timer is perfect for a situation where we want a given load of electricity to automatically turn on or off at a certain time of the day, or differently every day. The above regulators are widely used, they are used in domestic and industrial economy, horticulture and animal husbandry. In addition, this device is used wherever it is required to apply the control of switching on and off electrical devices without making additional changes to the existing installation.

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