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we offerflexible filamentsmade of TPU material. They are used for the production of flexible and durable models. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment.

In our store you will findflexible filamentscommonly used in 3D printers. The materials are extremely flexible and durable. They are the perfect choice for intermediate users of 3D devices who want to start their adventure with printing flexible models and prototypes.

Elatangential filament for a 3D printer - characteristics

Elastic3d materials offered in our store consist mainly of TPU - thermoplastic polyurethanes. The name applies not to one raw material, but to the entire group of elastomeric materials. These include a variety of rhodiumfilaments <span>, the most important feature of which is flexibility. The offered products are used in= "">3D printing with the FDM method .

The Shore A / i or D type scale is used to determine the hardness scale of the material. Proposed filamentsType A TPUs range from 75 to 95, while D type products are harder and range from 30 to 75. The lower the parameter value, the filamentit is more flexible. Moreover, the TPU material is characterized by excellent mechanical strength. PowThe surface of the printed models is resistant to the destructive effects of frictional forces, prototypes are difficult to tear and do not break easily. The material does not emit toxic fumes during use. Many of the proposed TPU products may come into contact with food. Each of the listed features proves that the offered flexible filamenty 3Dhave a wide range of uses.

Flexible filament - where is it used?

Proposed3d filamentcomes in a variety of colors. The materials have a standard fiber diameter, which is 1.75 mm or 2.75 mm. TPU material is extremely easy to use, usually does not require an open chamber and remains on many working surfaces such as glass or smooth PEI. Moreover, they are characterized by excellent adhesion and resistance to chemicals. Depending on the filament model used for the production of gaskets, bumpers, anti-vibration feet, elements for drones and cars.

When looking for a flexible and durable material for a 3D printer, choose the proposed one filament. responding to the needs of customers, we present products that are intended for bothef = "">for beginners and intermediate users. Each of our products can be used in= " 160-industrial-3d-printers "> professional industrial printing processes .