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What is resin for 3D printers?

The resin can be an interesting alternative to those popular in the worldf = "">3D printing of filaments made of thermoplastic materials.Resin Printing however, it requires appropriate equipment. The resin is usedprinters are running who work in SLA technology(stereolithography) and DLP (Digital Light Processing). In the first case, the material is cured with a laser, and in DLP with a projector light. Resin for 3D printers initially it has a liquid form, and under the influence of the emitted light it hardens, which results in a printout. Method 3D printing in resin is more skComplicated from, for example, FDM devices, but with an unquestionable advantage of creating resin prints is the exquisite smooth surface of the models. With resin, you can also create extremely detailed objects, so in many cases"">FDM printercould not cope with a large number of details.

What kind of resin for 3D printing?

You can complete various accessories for a 3D printer, while resin is absolutely essential, as is filament for FDM printers. In our online store you will finda wide selection of resins for 3D printers in different colors. Light-curing resin it is characterized by excellent resistance to weather conditions. After washing and curing with UV light, preferably in a special UV chamber, the model is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

By selecting resin for your 3D printer , it is worth paying attention to the features of individual products. Some of them, such as Peopoly Professional UV Resin it is distinguished by fast printing, and the printout is easy to remove from the build plate. This kind the resin is used for resin printers with high capacitythose.

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