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Circuit breakers, disconnectors, contactors

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Circuit breakers, disconnectors, contactors

Both switches and switches are the perfect and the simplest type of installation connectors. They are intended primarily for switching the electricity on and off in electrical installations and devices. Thanks to them, you can open and close the electric arc in ">switch contacts . Below are the switches that can be found in the store.

A practical and convenient switch - a reliable solution

Cross switch it is mainly used on stairs or long corridors, because it allows you to switch the light on and off in several places. Cross connection will be necessary when we want to control the lighting from at least three places.

Turn it offpressure gauge is a very important element of a pressure booster system for pumping water. Its task is to ensure stable operation of the device, adequate water pressure in the system, and is responsible for protecting individual elements against excess pressure.

In our online store assortment you can find all types of high-quality switches. The exclusion also deserves a special mentiontime switchwhose task is to cut off the device's access to energyelectricity at the selected time. It can also activate them at the indicated time.

RCD and other circuit breakers

Residual current circuit breakerit is an important element protecting an electrical installation, which protects against electric shock during direct or indirect contact with electricity. In addition, it is designed to minimize the risk of fire caused by a failure in the electrical network.

Overcurrent circuit breaker it is one of the most common devices in any home switchboard and is at the heart of any electrical installation. We only remember its existence when the light in the room goes out or the image on the TV screen suddenly disappears. It is the basic protection for any electrical installation.

Overcurrent circuit breaker it is an integral part of the protection against the consequences of overloads of the electric network or short-circuits. We divide it according to the number of modules, time-current characteristics and the rated circuit breaker. It is the most widespread model included in an electrical installation and protects the receivers connected through it against short-circuits or overloads.

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