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Glued reference points

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Reference points for 3D scanning

3D scanning can be done stationary using a tripod or manually. In both cases, they play an important role in the faithful representation of the modelglued reference points. They are the reference points for the laser scanner that creates the 3D model in the program. Usageno glued reference points is the most common positioning method, used both in industry and in individual projects. Reference point size for 3D scanning is adjusted to the dimensions of the scanned object. The basic rule is simple - the larger the object, the larger the diameter of the sticky markers.

The presence of reference points it mattersfor a program that creates a 3D model. The scanner software must remember the arrangement of points to create a complete image of a given object. It is important that the scanner can see at the same time at least three reference points.

Reference points glued in

Glued reference pointsthere are plansdesigned for laser scanners. The clear color of the contours is perfectly visible to the device, making the scan more accurate also when scanning manually. Glued reference pointsat they have different levels of adhesive strength - depending on the needs of the scanned object. Why is it worth having a supply of glued markers with you? Here are the most important advantages:/ p>

  • better visibility for the scanner,

  • more accurate 3D scanning,

  • easier creation of a three-dimensional model in the program,

  • ease of installation on site and removal after scanning,

quick assembly on site/ span>

You will also find us magnetic reference pointsandanti-reflective sprays.

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