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Formlabs 3D printers

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The Formlabs brand is an American company dealing in 3D printing technology, which produces one of the most popular devices, which are 3d printers. meets the requirements of customers and offers them in its assortment. Among the proposed equipment you will find various models of 3d printers. Undoubtedly, the Formlabs brand is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and their products are of high quality.

Formlabs 3D printer - what technologies does it work in?

Formlabs 3D printersis one of the best devices on the market. Their products are based onhref = "">SLA technology-LFS, which uses a photopolymerization system. Objects are created as a result of the selective curing of a photopolymer resin with laser light. SLA-LFS is a technology that was developed by Formlabs engineers. It allows you to print objects with much greater precision compared to other spatial devices. Printnot in 3Dusing this method is extremely effective, because the models combine high accuracy and are characterized by a smooth surface.

Among Formlabs 3d printersyou can also meet devices working in SLS technology, which involves sintering powdered material with a laser beam. This type of equipment is very widely used in various processesmental. Printers are extremely economical, reliable and provide ease of use. Each of the presented models can be found in our offer. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available range. These ares: // ">Good printers for the homeand industry/ span>

Formlabs 3D printers - take 3D printing to the next level

OfferedFormlabs 3D printersThey are characterized by very high precision of model production with increased printing speed. The production cost is reduced to a minimum and the devices are extremely easy to use. Average workspace size in: // ">the printer housingFormlabs is 145 × 145 × 175mm and the layer thickness is 25-100μm.

The material used for 3D printing in the offered devices are thermosetting liquid photopolymer resins. They ensure high surface smoothness, resistance to high temperatures and abrasion, as well as biocompatibility. The properties depend on the type of material used. Choosing a professional d3d machinesFormlabs, you gain the ability to build precise details with a complex structure, high dimensional and shape accuracy and a wide range of processed materials. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of our store.

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