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The control system is a combination of automation elements that interact with each other and at the same time carry out the assigned tasks. One of the main tasks of the regulator is to generate an appropriate control signal so that the controlled object behaves in the desired manner. For this, special ones are usedd.eu/pl/191-regulatory ">regulators for automation,which bring the object to the desired state or improve the unfavorable properties of the controlled object.

Voltage regulators - basic functions

The main function of regulators is to maintain a constant voltage level. Regardless of the speed at which it works= "https://outlet3d.eu/pl/94-silniki">enginethe voltage in a properly functioning regulator may fluctuate in the range not exceeding 0.5 V. Electricity generation and distribution systems are commonly used in cars when they allow the control of the current flowing from the alternator to various car systems. Voltage regulators are also used in the control of solar installations and enable the flow of energy from the photovoltaic panels to the entire installation. Among the types, there are mechanical, electronic single-function and multifunctional controls that are computer-controlled.

Regulators nthe taps ensure the service life of the batteries. Thanks to the compensation of operating parameters depending on the ambient temperature andbattery temperature. They also have a protective function and protect against overcharging and excessive discharge of the batteries. All regulators are divided according to the control method, which can be done by impulse control with three systems, i.e. full, partial or off.

Regulators for electronics and their purpose in the farm and industry

Regulators allow you to regulate various air parameters, such as temperature, humidity,f = "https://outlet3d.eu/pl/220-regulatory-ciseniem">pressure or gas concentrations. Electronic regulators are designed to control the microclimate in mushroom cultivation, in vegetable storage, composting or livestock rooms. Depending on the model, they allow for ON / OFF threshold control with hysteresis, PIT with three-point and time output. All regulators have relay outputs that have been equipped with additional voltage, current or triac outputs.

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