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Check valves

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Solenoid check valvesare very important elementsref = "">automation. They are most often installed in hydraulic, heating or pneumatic installations. They are responsible for the constant regulation of the working medium, which can be water, compressed air or other medium. With their help, the devices work efficiently and without failure.

Check solenoid valves - mode of operation

Presentedsolenoid valvesenable the operation of the entire system, because they properly direct the movement of the working medium. They are also an extremely important safety element in the event of a failure - they ">pumpand other important parts present in the system from failure. There are check valves for water, fuel, compressed air or compressor.

Solenoid check valvesthey operate on the principle of electrical impulses supplied to a coil that regulates the functioning of the entire element. Conversely, the pressure difference is used for the correct operation of traditional valves. If a differentiated value appears on the restriction, it will either close or open depending on the size of the parameter. Solenoid </ b>the reverse does not require connecting to anyhref = " drivers">control systems . It is a device that works independently.

In our store you will find check valves made of many materials. Contrary to appearances, the raw material from which the elements are made is extremely important. The use of products indirectly depends on it, because the flowing substance affects the material. When choosing a solenoid valve, one should take into account the pressure and flow rate of the working medium, its state of aggregation and the level of aggressiveness. The valves offered are made of steel, stainless steel, brass and resistant to chemicals and durable plastics.

Elektrovalves - summary

The offered solenoids are used in pneumatic and hydraulic installations as well as in domestic heating. They are used as carriers of liquid media, such as water, oil or fuel. Check valves protect the pneumatic and hydraulic systems against the backflow of the working substance. When selecting them, the medium flow rate and the opening pressure of the entire system should be determined. We offer a variety of solenoid valves in our assortmenty feedback. storehas products for working with high pressure media and any type of working medium.

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