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Photoelectric sensors

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Almost every device or application operating in the field of automation requires the use of various optical sensors. Their task is to record and detect signals from the environment that are important for the control algorithms. Vigilantikiindustrial can be understood as technological sense organs. In our offer you will find temperature sensors, pressure, shaft position, and photoelectric sensors.

Photoelectric sensor - application

Photoelectric sensors are also position sensors. The accessories are equipped with a light emitter and its receiver. They work by measuring the intensity of the radiation of the beam generated by the transmitter, which falls on the photosensitive element of the receiver. Our offer includes sensors that emit various types of light. The most frequently chosen products are those generating infrared radiation, invisible to the human eye. In addition, many products are equipped with LEDs that indicate the status of their work, including the correct cooperation of the transmitter and receiver. Observation of lights is extremely important when using the device, because it facilitates the proper use of the equipment and confirms the correctness of the response to the object, which is especially important when the sensor has a built-in sensitivity adjustment.

Position sensors nThey are used in packaging, transport and conveyor technology, it is used by pia in the wood, cement and paper industries. Moreover, they are used for material positioning in steel processing. In everyday life, they are found in car washes and at the entrances to automatic gates.

Temperature sensors and others

In our store you will find numerous sensors with multiple applications. We have photoelectric detectors, which include light gate transmitters and receivers, reflective and diffusion sensors with and without background suppression. We also offer products with an interface that can be set up remotely. The accessories are made of solid plastic or steel. Due to the high degree of protection, from IP65 to IP69K, they can be used in difficult conditions. Moreover, we also have pressure sensorsnotwhich are used in the chemical, petrochemical and water management industries. Accessories ensure precise measurement and wide application. We also offer temperature sensorsandshaft position sensors crankshaft, which are widely used in the automotive industry.

We offer a variety of products in our assortment photoelectric sensors. storeis characterized by a large selection of equipment at very low prices. See also the offer of our other sensors:

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