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Lightning protection from the outlet offeris an effective way to prevent the consequences of lightning strikes on a given object. Lightning protection of buildings It consists of elements such as: potential equalization, clearances, shielding and additional protection. Active lightning protectionwhile it is equipped with elements that initiate the stormy impact from below. It consists in increasing the voltage of the active terminals of the terminal relatively to the electric field around the head of the device.

Internal and external lightning protection

Two types of protection can be distinguished as they are lps lightning protectionouter and lightning protectioninside. For the protection of photovoltaic panels, it is recommended to install an external lightning protection system, an internal anti-overvoltage installation and equipotential bonding. Lightning protection equipment in the storeis a guarantee of quality and effectiveness. We offer inrush current limiters,ref = "">surge arresters and surge controllers that have proven operation. Our products are effective and failure-free for many years of use.

Lightning protection for buildings - when is it useful?

Properly done lightning protectionmakes the entire building, its equipment and people inside, protected against the undesirable effects of lightning. Often there is also an assessmenta lightning protection device for a photovoltaic installationwhich effectively reduces the risk of being damaged by lightning. Lightning protection for photovoltaic panelsit will protect solar panels on the roof, which is usually a few or several meters above the ground.

Appropriate protection against lightning strikes ensures safety for places exposed to direct action of the current coming from the discharge. It was assumed thatlightning protection of overhead lineswith a voltage of 110 kv, 220 kv and 400 kv is mandatory along their entire length. Lightning protectionit is also mandatory when indicated by the indicator measuring the risk of lightning. They are calculated according to predetermined rules. It is influenced by factors such as the dimensions of the building, location, type of structure and roof material.

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