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Ubot 3D printers

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UBOT 3D printers for industry and more

UBOT is a Polish manufacturer of 3D printers. The company is dynamically developing its range, which is dedicated mainly to enterprises that useindustrial 3D printers for prototyping or as a tool to support mass production. The number of industries in which 3D printing is used is growing, which is why the interest in devices such as printing is similarly increasingArk 3d UBOT model S +. The industry appreciates multifunctional solutions, and they certainly are UBOT 3D printersdue to the multi-material nature and high accuracy of the created models.

UBOT 3D printersthisdevices with a closed chamber, which is not only hygienic and safe for users, but also allows you to maintain an optimal temperature inside. In this way, 3D printing is even more precise and the printed objects are durable.

Who should decide on a UBOT 3D printer?

UBOT 3D printersare efficient devices that can operate on an industrial scale. Closed ">printer compartment

it is ventilated by a special system, which additionally has a HEPA filter, so that particles created during work do not get into the environment. The structure of the device is stable and made of durable components, thanks to which the printer can work with high intensity for many years. At the same time , the service of dUBOT 3D rukrekit is uncomplicated. For each product dit includes the proprietary UBOT program, which perfectly harmonizes with the printer. Creating designs is intuitive, and printing is simple and transparent. The user knows, among other things, how long it will take to print and how long ">filamentdevices are available. In addition, it is worth paying attention to such aspects as:

  • removable table,

  • visually attractive housing,

  • total print area (X: 250 [mm] Y: 250 mm Z: 250 mm).

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