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Safety switches

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Safety switches in the store are suitable for use in a variety of conditions. We emphasize that in industry they play a very important role between the machine and the person. In our online store you will find not only the switches themselves, but also all the elements needed for their installation. The hinges made of you also play an important rolesafety switch, which are considered safety devices. In the event of an unexpected opening of a door or a small door, these hinges automatically disconnect the power supply, thus protecting the operators.

Safety limit switch and its application

In every place where electricity is used, first of all safety should be taken into account. To that end, it is helpful safety switch from the offer, which is guaranteed to be effective and of high quality. It works by stopping the machine in the event of a failure or life-threatening situation. All machines and machine installation must be equipped with safety switches that will turn off the power immediately and, consequently, prevent accidents. Except ">limit switches they are an obligatory supplement to protective equipment, but they cannot be treated as the only and basic protective device, and neverthey should not replace them.

Safety switch - types

Mushroom safety switch it is usually red or yellow and is used as an emergency stop device. After pressing it, it locks in a specific position.Mushroom safety switch can also come with a key or a special safety collar to prevent accidental activation.

Safety pull-wire switch is an element that is significantly different in appearance from a mushroom-shaped switch, but performs the same functions. The difference, however, is that it is not intended to shut down but to stop the device. It is mainly used for long runs of machines between standard operator stations, e.g. in conveyor systems. Safety switch3-phase safety is designed in such a way that its entire start-up is equipped with a contactor and three phase safety switch,which is responsible for switching off the engine in the event of a power failure or motor overload.

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