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Electrical relays are responsible for the correct flow of current from the battery to the load. They are used in various industrial, automotive or domestic fields. Thanks to these devices, turn signals, dipped beam or high beam function properly. In addition, they are also responsible for opening and closing the central locking and heating the interior of the car.

Time relay - functions, structure and use

Time relays They consist of a coil and contacts which allow the direct flow of electric current. Depending on the model, the relay is equipped with an electronic circuit that performs various functions depending on the time. The most important parameter in a timer is undoubtedly the time itself. It can be set using knobs that are easy to spot on the device. The time range can be set to 1/10 seconds, 1/10 minutes, 1/10 hours, 1/10 days. There is also a general option, i.e. ON - output turned on all the time or OFF - output turned off all the time.

Construction of time relaysit may differ in terms of its application. We distinguish relays in installation housings that have an extended front. Thanks to it, it is possible to install them in the switching stations of the building among overcurrent protections. They can be used primarily in lighting control, ventilation or heating systemsh.

Another model is an industrial housing relay. It can be installed primarily in automation control cabinets, among various elements. Unlike the previous type, these are modular devices.

Time relays Outlet3D.eu - the best models at attractive prices

The relay has several basic functions, one of which is the separation between the control section and the switching section. On the other hand, switching power loads with high voltage or high current with low energy consumption. Relays are also used for signal multiplication. Timers can perform several functions, but the most important of them is switching on and off. Activities in this area can be performed cyclically at set intervals or taking into account breaks. We offer our customers a large selection of time relays, which are of excellent quality and effectively perform the functions assigned to them. In addition to time relays, our offer also includes:

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