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Lubricatorsbelong to the devices used for lubrication under the appropriate pressure. There are several types of equipment, taking into account different criteria. One of them is the type of grease we intend to use, i.e. solid grease or oil. The second is the energy source that is supposed to power the lubricant applications. In this regard, we divide the lubricators for manual, pneumatic and electric. Often they are also equipped with their own reservoir or the possibility to attach a given lubricant to the packaging. They have one or two lubrication points.

In our store, we offer only the highest quality grease nipples.Outlet3D.euIt is distinguished by a huge number of satisfied customers as well as failure-free and long-lasting operation of the products available in our offer. Smarborsfrom our catalog are devices made with attention to the smallest detail, which often affects the quality of their operation. If you want to ensure safety and efficient work, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range available in our store.

Lubricators - application

Lubricatoris a device that is not part of the basic household equipment. However, it is useful if you have a garage, your own service or workshop.LubricatorsThey are perfect for the maintenance of equipment, ensuring comfortable and cheaperback working process. They work perfectly with devices having lubrication systems in the form of so-called kalamitek. These are grease nipples that ensure that the grease gets to the right place.

Lubricatorsreduce the amount of dirt with a given substance, and also improve the entire cleaning process. Perfect for elements such as bearings, shafts, joints, chains and pins. Their use is most often noticeable in car repair shops and machine data services. Lubricatorit is also used in industry and agriculture. Lubrication there is carried out at high frequency, which ensures the continuity of operation. For domestic conditions, pthe wastemanual, which will perfectly fulfill its task. We encourage you to check our offer also in other categories in the field of pneumatics and hydraulics, here are a few of them:

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