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Sensorsindustrial are elements of the automation system, detecting signals important from the point of view of the system. The components record disturbances and then send them to the control devices. They are necessary for the operation of most machines and technological lines. In our store you will find a sensorand temperature, pressure, or position. Each model is of great importance and is widely used in various industries.

Pressure and temperature sensors

In our store you will find various models of temperature sensors. These are the elements used to measure, record and even regulate the temperature of a given object. Offeredsensorscan work in the range from -55 ℃ to + 800 ℃. They are most often used to measure the temperature of gases and solids in the process. The most popular detectors are platinum resistance and thermistor models. Vigilance is just as commonki tempcalled thermocouples.

In turn, pressure sensors are used in industries such as the chemical, petrochemical and water management industries. They are extremely precise devices that allow you to control processes dependent on the pressure level of gases and liquids. In our store you will find a very wide range of this type of sensors, because they are necessary in all automation systems. Pressure is one of the most frequently measured quantitiesand its value has a great influence on the course of production processes.

Innovative sensors in the outlet3D.eu store

Responding to the needs of our customers, you will find everyone in the assortment of outlet3D.eu sensor. These are essential elements of automation used in almost all optical devices. The offered detectors are made of damage-resistant plastic and steel. You will find us position sensors, which include photoelectric, laser, ultrasonic and induction models. They allow you to automate the work of production companies, are used to count products on tapes, and are also used in car washes and automatic gates. For automotive fans, we recommend vigilantand the shaft position crankshaft being an essential part of cars. Based on the data provided by the device, the computer determines when the appropriate fuel injection time and the ignition angle occurs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of the proposed detectors. If you are looking for specific types of sensors, please visit our subcategories:

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