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Modular relays

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Relays are a very desirable device in all electrical systems. It is thanks to their application that it is possible to induce a fixed and sudden change in the circuit. They are primarily widely used in automation and control systems.

Modular relays - types and types of relays available in the store

We offer many types of relays, which will certainly prove to be very helpful during work. One of them are multifunctional time relays programmed from a four-symbol LED display. It is controlled and set with three buttons, has a clear and clear menu, has the accuracy of setting and countdown time on the display. In addition, it has a separate control input START and STOP.

Exmodular factors available in our assortment are presented in various guises. Among them, there are multi-function relays, single-function, digital, plug-in relays and special relays. Each of the presented models performs specific tasks. Timers are sensitive and react to changes in a given physical quantity such as current, temperature or voltage.

Relaysmodular installation are electromagnetic relays that appear in the housing of the installation module and are designed for direct mounting on the rail. Installation relays can be used in automationin the building in cooperation with control clocks, switches, control buttons and in electrical installations in industrial and energy automation, as well as in switchboards of modular apparatus.

In addition to modular relays, our offer also includes:

If you still haven't found what you are looking for, try our categoryef = "">other relays .

Finder modular relays - general characteristics

Relays perform many functions, first of all, they can delay the switching on and off of devices. Most often, however, they are used in ventilation, heating, lighting or signaling. They can also be used to control the air conditioning system and pumps. Device characteristics:

  • quiet operation,
  • actuation indicators,
  • 1,2,3 modular width,
  • execution 2,3,4field,
  • rated current from 20A to 63A,
  • precision auxiliary contacts,
  • screw clamps,
  • terminal covers.

Due to their extensive equipment and great possibilities, they can be used to program time functions using two independent times.

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