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Diode modules

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LED module is a device that provides decoupling of power supplies connected in parallel, while ensuring high availability of the application. Thanks to this, a possible short circuit does not affect the power supply of the device. Due to the simple structure and extremely easy decoupling by means of diodes, the diode modules guarantee absolute reliability of the power supply. It is provided at the output as well as in the cable leading from the power supply to the diode.

Partselectric - diode modules and their application and construction

Diode modules may differ from each other in shape, manufacturing technology, power and luminous flux. Some of them have been designed with the use of SMD diodes, and others are made in Chip on Board technology, in which the diodes are connected in series - in parallel and are placed on the mounting plate. Diode modulenewit is used not only in electrical circuits, but also in lighting. The use of LEDs allows for savings in the consumption of electricity expended for lighting.

Diode module and their types

Diode modules we divide them mainly according to the application, as well as the place where they will be installed. Check what is worth paying attention to when choosing.

The first one is intended for use in difficult environmental conditions.M.diode odors in this case, they must have a very durable structure that will ensure the highest availability of the system in potentially explosive areas, as well as in places with demanding environmental conditions. This model provides rendudability or power boost.

When choosing the appropriate type of diode module, pay attention to the method of installation. It should be quick, simple and without any unnecessary complications. TRIO DIODe is quick and easy to install due to the technical push-in connection. In this case, the diode can be connected to the TRIO power supply, thanks to which you can increase the availability of the system.

It's worth italso pay attention to the design and construction of individual modules. Diode modules of the STEP and UNO series are ideal for decoupling small loads. Compact diodes are designed to provide comprehensive redundancy to the receiver itself. STEP DIODE is a solution with Push - in connection technology. Therefore, they are perfect for use in installation splitters. Are you interested in our offer of relays? Check out the following categories:

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