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All other non-categorized items and devices are included in this category. It includes lenses for cameras and cameras , safety curtains, ionizing bars, sensors, etc. from brands such as Samsung, Mitsubishi, Optoma, B&R, Danfoss, Keyence

Accessories for industrial automation

All uncategorized items and devices are included in this category of our online store. It includes safety curtains, ionizing strips, sensors and other devices and accessories for industrial automation that have not been assigned to any other available product group.

The products here can be divided into several basic groups:

Ionizing strips

Ionizing strips, also known as ionizers, are devices used in production processes where it is necessary to eliminate electrostatic charges. Thanks to them, it is possible to temporarily connect the surfaces of objects.

Safety curtains

Another group of devices available in this category are safety curtains used in those areas of production lines that have been classified as hazard zones and must be reliably secured. Safety curtains not only detect the presence of the operator, but also block potentially dangerous machine movements.

Vacuum pumps

Our store also includes vacuum pumps that allow you to create a vacuum in closed spaces by pumping out the gases inside.

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