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Construction and principles of operation of a pneumatic actuator

Pneumatic cylindersare mechanical devices that convert the pressure of air or other compressed gas into motion. The displacement takes place on ">linear plane be on your own axis. Construction of a pneumatic actuator is strictly dependent on its application and operating parameters, however, you can select the basic elements that make up the structure of almost every type of actuator.

WyrWe offer components such as cylinder liner, front and rear cover, piston, sealing ring, piston movement connection, piston rod, piston rod guide bushing, sealing ring and scraper ring.

Pneumatic actuatoratic - types and application

Pneumatic cylinders they are used in almost every branch of industry. Users praise the simplicity of operation and high durability of the pneumatic actuators, in addition, they are cheaper to use than their hydraulic or electric counterparts. BC actuatorsumaticcan be divided into several basic groups. The classification related to the construction criterion lists types such as piston, plunger, diaphragm, bellows and bag actuators.

The division can also be made on the basis of the method of displacement of the piston rod. Here we distinguish a single-acting pneumatic cylinder or a single-acting pneumatic cylinder. With our customers in mind, we have prepared a catalog in which various types of actuators are available. Our offer includes Festo and SMC pneumatic actuators andCKD. Also checkref = "">regulatorsandsensors!

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