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3D filamentsare thermoplastics used for printing in FFM / FDM technology. You will find us3D materials made of all kinds of raw materials such as pla, abs,nylon, ifpetg. They have different chemical and physical properties. The products are wound on a fishing line and have a diameter of 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer.

ABS filament - an indispensable material for 3D printing

After purchasing a 3D printer operating in FFM / FDM technology, filaments are the second most important element. They can be made of a variety of raw materials.

One of the most popular products is filament abs. It is a material made of an artificial polymer - acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is produced in the production of crude oil. Abs filamentit is not only a material for 3D printers, it is also the main component of LEGO bricks and can be found in household appliances and car interiors. After use, it is matte and has subdued colors. Before buying, users often wonder between pla filament andabsbecause they are often compared to each other.

Pla materials are polylactide elements made of natural ingredients that are fully biodegradable, and thanksand therefore environmentally friendly. Pla filaments are aimed at beginner and intermediate printer users. Models made of them are shiny and have more vivid, brighter colors. Choosing the right filament, it is worth considering the choice pla or absbecause the plastics have very similar technical specifications.

Abs filament - application

Filament plaor abshas a very similar use. It fits devices operating in the same technology, and regardless of the material, the resulting prints are equally satisfying. The offered products are suitable for printing your own models. However, it should be remembered that abs is a filament that is very durable. It is recommended for the production of items that are frequently used, dropped or heated. Most often with its help, phone cases, children's toys or tool holders are made. On the other hand, pla is used to print prototypes, educational and architectural materials.

Each oferred filaments can be found in our store. Be sure to choose it according to your expectations. It depends on them what material you choose - absor pla.

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