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Our offer includes mainly modular power supplies that meet the strictest standards and criteria, so they can be used for industrial automation systems, machine control, lighting power supply and a wide range of devices.

Kindpower supplies - modular, impulse and linear

The outlet3d.eu store offers plug-in power supplies,mounting power supplies and DIN rail power supplies . The most traditional type of power supplies are the latter based on a typical transformer and transistor ensuring linear voltage or current stabilization. The operation of switching power supplies, also known as converters, is possible thanks to the digital circuit switching the voltage with high frequency and controlling its average value. Modular power supplies are a type of transformers perfectly suited for supplying devices that need a constant voltage of 12 V for proper operation.

Construction and application of power supplies

The design of the power supply depends on its type. Everyone it consists of a transformer, one or more capacitors and a rectifier bridge . The rest of the items vary depending on the type of device. All power supplies available in our offer, mainly Mean Well switching power supplies, are made of the highest quality materials. They meet all the required standards and criteria, and therefore can be successfully used in industrial automation systems, machine control, lighting power and various types of devices. The offer also includes OMRON, SKS, TD power suppliesK LambdaandCosel.

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