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Ball screws

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High-quality ball screws

Ball screw is an important system component that converts rotary motion to linear motion or vice versa. Ball screw It consists of two main parts: a ball screw and a ball nut placed in one unite together with reversible ball bearings. The whole mechanism ensures smooth running of the ball screw with its own use of ball bearings. Why w ball screws ball bearings present? The result of this solution is much less friction during operation of the device. Moreover ball screws feature high precision , which in turn translates into the correct and, importantly, accurate operation of the machine in which this mechanism was used. Ball screws are available in thirdh versions: rolled, ground and chipped/ span>

Advantages of ball screws in industry

Ball screws they are used in most CNC machines, injection molding machines and measuring devices. Most often, however, they can be found in industries such as:

  • machine tools,

  • aircraft structures,

  • aboutwood processing,

  • handling equipment and industrial robots,

  • printing and paper machines,

  • medical equipment,

  • measurement technology.

What is the reason of their popularity? Hiwin Ball Screws orafrom other leading brands are characterized by, among others:

  • quiet operation, which is valuable especially in some specialized devices, where silence is extremely important for the operator's precision,

  • smooth operation - many industrial machines are operated in many-hour cycles, therefore the bolts subjected to numerous loads must be particularly durable and work with a specific fluidbone. They certainly guarantee that ball screws ,

  • have a high temperature tolerance, -30 to + 80 ° C, to + 110 ° C for intermittent operation.

Check ball screws at and find the model that will suit your needs. Order now and enjoy fast order fulfillment. Check out other liner techniques available in our store such asttps: // ">linear guides,linear modules andlinear actuators .

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