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Available in our catalog lawnmower air filtersis a real guarantee of the highest quality. They prevent any small parts from getting into the mower engine. Thanks to this, the engine is able to work with the air free of any contamination.Air filtersmake it possible to reduce fuel consumption, as well as quiet operation. The use of filters also allows you to significantly extend the service lifes: // engines ">enginemowers. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the best possible quality of the filter, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store. You will find only the best quality products with us.

We also offer compressor air filterswhich are also an integral part of the compressor design. The correct selection of a filter for the compressor affects the quality of the final product, and also significantly extends the life of the compressor itself. Air filtersto the compressorshould be regularly checked for the quality of the segments, which has put enormous emphasis on monitoring the pneumatic system as well as regular maintenance of the equipment. If you are looking for the best quality and failure-free operation - check out our offer!

Car air filters

In our store's offer you will find various types car air filters. They are an extremely important element in each vehiclego because they are what are called "lungs of the car". In order to prevent damage to the engine, the air entering it must be cleaned of small dust beforehand. Filtair supply for engines is just one of several categories of filters found in a car. Same air filtersplay a key role in transporting clean air to the passenger compartment.

Inappropriate or not working car air filterscan lead to quite a few problems. Due to inadequate filtration, dust enters the engine. The result is quite costly, as it requires processes such as replacing the piston rings, turbocharger bearings and cylinder bore. Air filtersair to the engineand the rest are subjected to special tests to check their operation. Standardized tests that our products have undergone are a guarantee of their proper operation and long life without any failure. See also ours// engines ">flow valves andsensors.

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