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Pneumatic and hydraulic systems are used in many industries. Valves and flow solenoid valves . They control the direction, pressure and flow rate of the working medium.

Flow solenoid valves - structure and principle of operation of elements

Solenoid valves regulate the flow of the working medium by reacting to variable electrical impulses. Traditional solenoid valve consists of a coil and a body. These are the main components that are responsible for the proper operation of the device. In the solenoid valve, the coil creates a magnetic force that raises the core to the open or closed position. In turn, the body protects the most important parts against mechanical damage and shapes the valve, making it fit into a given mechanism. The offered products are ian integral part of the systems, so they must be perfectly matched. In another case , electvalve may be subject to frequent breakdowns, thus affecting the functionality of the device. Products are classified intohttps://outlet3d.eu/pl/217-zawory-zwrotne ">feedback,enclosing , choke, reduction and safety. Each of them can be found in the assortment we offer.

Solenoid valves and their distribution

Solenoid valvesflow systems are a rich group of products. RegretThese include check, throttle, reduction and safety valves. Each of the above-mentioned products plays a very important role in proper operationtps: //outlet3d.eu/pl/211-hydraulika-i-pneumatyka ">pneumatic and hydraulic systems . Check valves allow the medium to flow in one direction only. They are often used as protection against excessive pressure drop in the system. Throttle valves control the intensity of the working medium. They are most often used for the stepless regulation of the speed of movement of actuators. In addition, throttle-check valves are also used for this purpose. Electric valverThe reducing valve is responsible for maintaining the correct output pressure in the system, regardless of changes in its value at the inlet and flow rate fluctuations. On the other hand, safety valves protect against increasing operating pressure. When its value is too high, it opens, releasing excess refrigerant into the atmosphere. We have a wide range of accessories such as the solenoid valveflowcharts. Outlet3D.eu shop responding to the needs of consumers, it guarantees that each of the above-mentioned models is in its range.

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