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Industrial 3D printers

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3D printers - industrial application

3D printing is a constantly developing technology, the use of which in various industries, or the economy in general, continues to grow. Currently, the use of 3D printers in medicine is getting closer, but already these devices are common in such industries as:

  • architecture,

  • automotive industry,

  • aircraft,

  • kculture and art,

  • entertainment.

One of the main tasks of industrial 3D printers is prototyping . In dedicated programs, you can very quickly digitally design, print and then test a part or the entire element. In practice, this means significant time and money savings for the company.

What distinguishes industrial 3D printersit is possible to print with a wide range of materials.ef = "">Filamentsthey currently include, among others paper, metal, rubber or plastic. In 3D printers for companies, usually larger elements can be created than in standard models.

Which 3D printer to choose for your company?

Industrial 3D printersThey are characterized by the highest degree of durability and the possibility of many hours of non-stop work. For this reason, devices must be made of high-quality components.: // ">Extruder,the base and other elements should be designed for efficient work. Industrial 3D printers they operate with a very high precision, so they can be a cheaper alternative to traditional solutions.

In production3D printers for companiesspecializes in, among others QIDI manufacturerthat has on offer casing printers . Thanks to this, the device can work for a long time without disturbing the employees. The closed chamber also guarantees greater hygiene, and during printing it monitors the optimal operating temperature of the printer.

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