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The handheld scanner is a mobile, independent device that you can take with you wherever you go. It fits easily in a bag or backpack. Our offer of mobile scanners is expanding at a dizzying pace. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products!

Hexagon and Scantech scanner brands - high quality at attractive prices

IntroducingStereoScan Hexagon scanner, which is the latest technological solution among the digitization of spatial objects. A characteristic feature of this model is the color projection unit. Thanks to this, it is possible to display reference fringes with a color adapted to the color of the scanned object. In this way, you can overcome the problem of contrasting colors that make scanning difficult. A big advantage of this model is the possibility of its assembly on an industrial robot.

NextmodelHexagon 3D scannerPrimeScan line, is an entry-level solution for accurate 3D digitization of industrial parts. The presented model has a compact design with an A4 sheet size base and a weight of less than 4 kg. It is an easy-to-use device with a durable structure.

It also deserves a distinctionef = "">handheld 3D Scantech KSCAN Magic <scanner/ a>, which is the most versatile scanner with a built-in photogrammetry system. It has the ability to measure with red and blue lasers and has a remarkable breakthrough in performance. It is a model that performs its scans in a precise and detailed manner, and the depth of field significantly optimizes the work related to 3D measurements. As a result, all details are accurately reproduced.

Brands of 3D scanners - general characteristics and places of their use

There is a large selection of scanner models on the market that are intended for industrial and office purposes, they can be used in geodesy, architecture, archeology and many other fields, including cultural ones. Our offer in the Outlet3D store is constantly expanded with the latest models. We offer two very popular brands such as Hexagon andtps: // ">Scantech. 3D scanner,which comes from one brand and another is of excellent quality. Thanks to these devices, scans can be made, which are then used for three-dimensional prints. In addition, we distinguish models that perform measurements and greatly facilitate the work of geodesists

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