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In our storeyou can find many items as wellref = "">electronic devices which are used in the production of machines or electrical equipment. In addition, all accessories are of high quality and provide comfort during use. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of our store!

Types of thermostats, i.e. thermostats as multifunctional devices

Thermostatis a simple device or element of a device, the task of which is to maintain a given temperature through active operation. Thermostatit is also the element that is insidef = "">engine, and more precisely on the cooling system. Its main function is to control the coolant. It may block or allow it to flow through the radiator depending on the temperature of the fluid. If it is low, the thermostat's task is to shut off the flow of liquid to the radiator.

Backd of this type of devices we also distinguish trebated thermostats,which control external devices, on and off principle, depending on the difference between the measured temperature and the temperature set with the control knob. They can turn off the circulation pump when the set temperature is exceeded.

Compindustrial uter - its functions and performanceuse

An industrial computer is a portable device that is used to operate in industrial conditions such as factories. It is characterized by increased resistance to external conditions and increases the level of operational reliability. In our IPC offer you will find an industrial monitor as well as operator panels. They have been equipped with touch panels, LED backlight, anti-reflective screen or one with reduced power consumption. The equipment also has a very high brightness LCD matrix.

Aboveour store offers other accessories and elements used in electricity. Among them is also echarge liminator which is designed to protect both devices and employees from damage caused by static electricity. Their task is to eliminate static electricity in the target area from 300 mm to 1500 mm, and the energy-saving design reduces operating costs by up to 60%.

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