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3d filamentsoffered in our store are materials made of thermoplastics. In our store you will find, among others nylon filamentfilament pls and pet filamentsandabs in two different versions . They are used for effective 3D printing. They help in creating a variety of models, designs and complex objects. Their physical and chemical properties depend on the type of material used. In this category, we present the filamentiesmade of abs vo fr.

Filament abs vo fr - non-flammable material for 3d printing

ABS filaments are plastics made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer. Currently they are used as 3d materials . These are products from which three-dimensional objects are made, and the resulting models are characterized by extremely high durability. What's more, abs filaments are often modified in order to improve their technical parameters. This is how the presented material, which is fil , was createdament absvo fr. ROSA 3D Filaments is responsible for its creation. The product is based on an acrylonitro-buadiene-styrene terpolomer. It is a material to which an admixture of non-flammable material has been added. FilamentIt is characterized by very high mechanical strength and is resistant to actione fairly high temperatures and strong UV radiation. Before buying, customers hesitate which filament to choose pla or absbecause they have similar technical parameters.

Abs filament - technical specification and application

The offered abs vo fr copolymer is very popular on the market. It is used wherever there is a risk of fire. Printouts of contacts, electrical boxes and electronic devices are made of plastic.

At the time of applicationabs filamentrequires a fairly high extrusion temperature, which is 220-250 ℃ and a heated workbench of up to 80-110 ℃. Objects made of plastic can also be printed on cold tables in an open chamber, but then adhesion problems may occur.

Comparing abs and plait is worth considering the technical requirements of the project. Definitely abs vo fr has better parameters, because it has been enriched with appropriate admixtures of non-flammable materials. Moreover, it is also more flexible. Despite everything, many customers do not know which one to choose filament - pla or abs. In our store you will find any type of plastic that fits 3D printers operating in FFM / FDM technology. What material will you choose, abs or pladepends on the required technical parameters of the prototype being created.

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