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Wooden filaments

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3d filamentsimitating wood are made of thermoplastic raw materials and materials that were obtained from bamboo trees, as well as from a tree such as cork oak. Thermoplastics are their main components, which are used to create unique and three-dimensional objects.

Types of filaments - their natural structure

3d materials used in print are mainly polylactides, which are identifiedref = "">called PLA filaments. It is an exceptionally easy-to-use thermoplastic, thanks to which the creation of three-dimensional structures is not so difficult. Perfect foref = "">people who are just starting their adventure with 3D printing.

Filament - offers two most popular products:

  • filamentSpectrum WOOD, which was completely created withhref = "">biodegradable materials , it is extremely easy to print, has a smooth surface, and its structure resembles wood after printing,
  • filamentFiberlogy FIBERWOOD is a wood-like material, it has less brittleness, thanks to which it enables better feeding of the filament to the extruder, its other elements can be varnished, painted and dyed, which gives greater possibilities of using filaments. Thanks to this you canalso get them a natural look.

Moreoverwooden filamentsare a raw material whose total recipe is based on a biomixture that has been entirely made up of a variety of and primarily biopolymer components. From trees such as bamboo, cork oak or classic oak, particles are obtained, which in this case are an important component of materials for 3D printing.

Wooden filaments and their application

The prints made of wooden filaments resemble objects and objects made of real wood. They can be administered to various processes and treatments that will make the created prototypes unique and unique. The end result can also be very natural and tailored to the individual needs of users. Filamentsfor 3d printerare safe for users and their surroundings. They do not produce toxic or intensely fragrant vapors. Filamentsthey are primarily used in the process of creating a print that is a reflection of real structures. It is most often used in art or architectural studios to create models, mockups and other prototypes.

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