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Filamentsthis3d materials used tothree-dimensional printing with the FDM technique . They are thermoplastics in the form of a line which is then processed by printing devices. As a result of the entire process, a 3D printout is created. 3D printing is primarily about making a three-dimensional model. This process takes place through very precise hardening and shaping of the material.

Specialized filament for 3d printer

3d filamentswe divide them according to the basic ingredients, i.e. the basic elements of the mixture of raw materials from which they were created. Their selection is very extensive and varied. They are most often chosentps: // ">plastics based on PLA, PET-G andABS productsfilament. Storeit also has many others specialized filaments,and among them we distinguish flexible filaments, technical plastics or compostable products. Thanks to this, users of 3d printers have the opportunity to find products that best suit their preferences.

Types of specialized filaments

Filaments for a 3d printerthey differ depending on what kind of print we want to create and what it will be used for. F.ilament specstaticPVB is the most popular model, thanks to which you can get the effect of nice-looking, transparent prints. Perfect for people who are just starting their adventure with 3D printing. It is odorless and has a low shrinkage which makes it easier to work with. Perfect for single-wall prints of products such as vases or lamp shades.

Filament 3DPC + PTFE is a type intended mainly for professionals. Its characteristic feature is high mechanical and temperature resistance. It is perfect for making parts with good dimensional stability that must operate at high temperatures, reaching even 120 degrees Celsius. FilamenvolSpectrum PLA is a very surprising material because it makes the printed objects glow in the dark when exposed to light. In addition, its advantage is resistance to temperature (the print does not shrink after cooling down), but is stable and durable.

Filament for a 3D printerFiberlogy PLA MINERAL is a material that allows you to create prints resembling plaster casts. This amazing reflection of natural gypsum makes it possible to use it in architectural and artistic studios. With it, you can print mock-ups and figures with non-standard shapes.

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