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Pneumatic drives

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Pneumatic drives due to their uncomplicated construction, they are widely used in various industries. They are characterized by a cheap-to-operate construction. They easily carry out straightforward movements that do not require complicated ">automationsuch as turning, pressing, closing, opening and sliding. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of categories hydraulic drives . storeresponds to customer needs and offers many different models of actuators.

Pneumatic control and drives - advantages

Pneumatic drives and controls it is extremely easy to use. The uncomplicated construction of the actuators ensures a high level of failure-free devices. Compressed air is a very fast energy carrier, thanks to which it is possible to obtain high flows and very fast movements of the piston rod, which directly translates into an increased number of cycles in a given unit of time. Pneumatic drives compared to othersu / en / 185-regulation-and-control ">controls have many advantages. First of all, they are characterized by easy replacement of components, with good maintenance they have high durability and easy adjustment. Actuatorspneumaticthey also give the possibility of constructionrepetitive systems in many technological machines.

Pneumatic actuators in the store

Our store offerspneumatic actuators in several different versions. We have single-acting and double-acting elements as well as rotary, linear and pressure products. They are divided according to the type of working movement (linear, curvilinear, angular), and also according to the type of working element used, i.e. piston, diaphragm and bellows. We also offer sihydraulic-pneumatic cylinders . Depending on the selected model, the diameter of the piston ranges from 6 to 250 mm. All the proposed parts have been manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards, which makes them universal - they can be replaced with components from other manufacturers made in the same standard. Pneumatic cylinders are used in production halls, lines for packing finished products, or in smaller tools such as spreaders or cutters. They are important in the construction of automatic gates and car doors because they are responsible for opening them.

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