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Position sensors these are sensors that are mainly a component of a larger system. Their task is to capture signals from the surrounding environment, then recognize and register them. It provides information on the occurrence of a given stimulus, exceeding a given threshold value, or a value that determines the recorded physical quantity. Position sensoreniaperforms extremely responsible work, so it is worth taking care of the quality of its performance.

Universal sensors at

Shaft position sensor it is an element that allows the whole to work properlyef = "">the engine management system . This system also includes the ignition system. Its damage is manifested by the inability to start ">engine. To avoid this type of difficulty, carefully check the sensor's operating process and ensure the best quality storeit only guarantees failure-free devices made with attention to the smallest details. Check out our catalog now and choose from the best items available on the market!

Temperature and pressure sensors in the store

You will also find the wide offer of our store temperature sensorsand pressure. Temperature sensorsare devices that are designed to provide information about the temperature of the medium measured by them in the form of an electrical signal. There are several types of sensor thermocouples, for example semiconductor, thermoresistance or thermocouple. Feeltemperature fluctuationsshould be properly matched to the temperature range they measure, as well as the conditions in which the sensor works.

We also have pressure sensors that play a very important role in installations. They are a device that converts the physical quantity of pressure into a standard industrial signal. Thpressure sinksspan> is often also calledef = "">relays pressure, or its transducers. In our store you will find only the best quality products that will certainly prove themselves in the tasks that will be entrusted to them. In order to find the best products available on the market, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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