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3D printer

3D printer


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3d printer pad It is made of spring steel that does not crack and does not warp when bent. It was made of chrome, which prevents rusting, and therefore allows for a longer service life. Its construction is so durable and resistant, and thus, it can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

3D printers - accessories and their application

Washer wham bam systemdesigned for printers, it has high resistance to both high and low temperatures. Except that adhesive pad it is thicker and harder which provides excellent protection while creating the print. Printed products and all materials gently stick to it, thanks to which they do not move, and the further processing is carried out in a convenient way. In addition, they can be quickly peeled off, you just need to bend the plate.

Accessories for a 3D printer - excellent quality at an attractive price

Allaccessories for 3d printersavailable in our offer are of high quality, very durable and resistant to external factors. The table for 3D printing must be clean and properly prepared. The pad on it should firmly adhere to the table and not moveyell. Thanks to the mat structure, the printed elements are stable and gently stick to the mat. Please note that it is recommended to keep the nozzle temperature at 240-250 degrees Celsius and the table temperature at 70 degrees Celsius. In a situation where the printout sticks strongly to the surface, you can use an adhesive that can be easily removed with soapy water. Before starting work, you should properly prepare the workstation so that all accessories for drukarekthey were always at hand. Check also oursf = "">knives for 3D printing and3D printing tables .

Wham Bam SLAP MAT mat - a multifunctional product for a 3D printer

In addition to the washers, we also present others 3d accessories.Among them is a mat made of 100% silicone material. The product is resistant to glue, printer resin, and other printing chemicals. It is perfect at work, and its function is appreciated especially by people who like to keep their position in order. The mat protects the work surface and thus preserves the longer life of the table top or table that is the workplace. It is easy to clean. After printing, simply place it outside and wait for the resin to harden, then bend it and crush the residue.

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