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Extension modules

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Extension modules are devices that are used for expansion= "źniki-cncplc">PLC controllersfor additional functionality. Their compact design allows a large resource to enter and exit, making it possible: // ">building large control systems with a compact size. In addition, we note that each module can implement its own algorithms and work as an individual unit.

Extension module - functions and parameters

Extension modules arose as a result of the requirements that appeared on the market in connection with the speed and reliability of decisions made and reactions to events. Frequent configuration changes and expansion of control systems result from technological changes, facilitate diagnostics and service and contribute to a significant reduction of costs. Input and output modules have / en / 210-anti-jamming-filters ">input filter giving the possibility to programmatically change the minimum recognizable duration of the input signal. Extending the time significantly reduces and even eliminates the effects of reflection of contacts, sensors, buttons and allows to eliminate unstable or accidental states.

Extension module and its other types

Among the modules, we distinguish the relay model, which is a dedicated extensionnot for controllers with RS-485 communication port. This model is used in complex systems that require support for multiple digital inputs, eg for switching additional damper actuators, switching pumps or several fan speeds. The general technical parameters are as follows:

  • supply voltage 24 VAC,
  • communication links: RS - 485,
  • relay outputs: 5 (3 x 16 A, 2 x A),
  • working temperature: -20 to 70 degrees Celsius,
  • degree of protection: IP30,
  • dimensions 70 × 123 mm.

Another type is the input module, it has been equipped with two digital inputs, the so-called normally open and two temperature inputs, appropriately adapted to the connection of PT1000 sensors. The signal levels on the temperature inputs are scaled according to the corresponding settings stored in the module. They are transferred using the MODBUS RTU communication protocol.

Anotherexpansion module there is an Ethernet module that enables remote operation of the control system via the Ethernet network. The module is configured through the website of the embedded server. Its parameters include:

  • supply voltage 24 VAC,
  • Ethernet 10 Base - T, RS - 485 communication links,
    • mounting on a DIN rail,
    • dimensions 108 × 35 × 59 mm.

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