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Cam switch it is part of many electrical installations and is a kind of electrical switch. It is mainly thanks to him that we can control various end devices. With its help, we can quickly and easily switch electricity on and off in electrical circuits. Its application is mainly used in main and auxiliary circuits. Curve connectorleft rightit consists of elements such as: a knob, an axis of a switch or a fire extinguishing chamber. There are connecting elements in the chamber, which are used to open and close the current circuit. In our store you will find not only a single-phase cam switch. The offer also includes other necessary accessories used for the assembly of electrical installations.

TotalCam cam 0-1 - its operation and types!

The principle of operation of the cam switch is very simple and consists mainly in opening and closing the current path with a special knob. The whole operation takes place due to the change in the position of the cam and the armature, it is worth noting that in some cases turning the knob may also change the function of the entire device. In our store/ ">1 - phase cam switch is available with other accessories that are also helpful and usefulin main and auxiliary circuits. They can be used as:

  • 3-phase cam switch in motor circuits,
  • power source switches,
  • main switches,
  • emergency stop switches ,
  • switch disconnectors.

Switch disconnector and cam switch - summary of our assortment

In our assortment you will also find cam switch disconnector, which is used to disconnect the voltage and control it during repair in the workplace. It is often used as the main emergency switch and protects against short circuits and overloads. We offer switch disconnectors of various powers, thanks to which all our clients can adjust specific types to their own needs. We / en / switch-disconnectors / 168-switch-250a-3-pole-telergon.html ">3-phase cam switch with an independent drive, which has terminals for cables with a maximum cross-sectional area of 25 mm2. The apparatus is designed to be plate mounted and the lever is fixed directly to the apparatus or facade. We also offer cam switch 1 - 0 - p orcam switch 1 - 0 - 2 .

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