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Solenoid valvesthey are an integral part of hydraulic installations. They are used both in large appliances and household appliances. The models differ in parameters that are responsible for their usefulness in specific technologies. Electricityhydraulic linesmust be of the highest quality, as any shortcoming may result in a serious failure of the equipment.

Hydraulic solenoid valves - technical specification

Solenoid valvesthey are small parts that are controlled by electrical impulses. They are used wherever there is a need to automatically control the flow of liquids. Traditional solenoid valve it consists of a coil, also known as an electromagnet, and a main valve. In our store you will find various products in terms of size, voltage and power of the electromagnet. The main valve, on the other hand, is always equipped with a diaphragm to open and close the liquid flow port.

Elewhich valvesthey use the phenomenon of the electromagnetic field in their operation. The electrical impulse first reaches the coil, which passes it on. The alternating voltage acts directly on the diaphragm, consequently changing its position from open to closed or vice versa. Solenoid valves are one-way accessories which means that the liquid can only flow in one direction. There is no way for it to fall backor it changed direction by itself.

How to choose the right hydraulic solenoid valve?

The selection of the correct hydraulic solenoid valve is possible only after establishing a few important parameters. The most important piece of information is what kind of liquid will flow through the valves. The working medium can be water, but also oil or aggressive chemicals. Thanks to the detailed data, it is easier to choose the right body material and the type of its sealing. If the solenoid valve is incorrectly selected, it can lead to the leakage of the entire system and high failure of the equipment. Another important parameter is the selection of the right connection. It should fit the rest of the system and the water flow rate, which is expressed in m3 / h at r pressuredifferential pressure at 1 bar. In addition, it is worth considering: temperature of the working medium, ambient temperature, pressure of the medium, type of seal, protection class of the coil and body material. In our offer you will find electrohydraulic valves. Outlet3D.eu storeresponding to the needs of customers, it offers a very large selection of accessories, see also similar categories:

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