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Safety relays

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Workplace safety is the most important aspect when designing a workstation. The most important thing is to select the right parts and elements that are to reduce the risk of a hazard within the machine's operation. One of their elements is the safety relay, which is responsible for disconnecting the power supply during an emergency.

Safety relays - high quality and guaranteed effectiveness

Depressing the emergency stop switch is not always just a matter of shutting down the power immediately. Its functions also include the prevention of unintended start, speed limitation, position limitation or controlled stop using its power. Sometimes there are times when the use of traditional relays is not sufficient. Complicated applications and the security system make their use cumbersome or impossible. In such a situation, you need to reach for more complex safety drivers that help in emergency situations.

Relay bsafety structure and functions

The traditional design of the relays uses the classic combination of 3 contactors, which greatly increases the reliability of the device. Two relays K1 and K2 with positive-potential contacts ensure safe contact switching. Each of them awakenedis via one of the input circuits S11 / S12 or S21 / S22. Their activation is determined not only by the signal applied to their terminals, but also by the START signal. There is also a monitoring circuit between terminals Y1 and Y2. It is responsible for controlling the position of the actuators and allows you to turn them on and off using safety contacts.

To moImportant safety features include, but are not limited to:

  • supervision of emergency stop circuits,
  • control of access to the danger zone through such elements as security locks and bolts, light curtains, scanners, mats and permitting devices,
  • control and limitation of the speed of moving parts by sensors monitoring the spin frequency or residual voltage at the motor terminals,
  • control of security limits, determining, among other things, the movement of machine elements or a robot arm through the use of safety scanners.

Safety relays they are the core of the systems, realizing the part responsible for the analysis and logical operation. They are widely used in machines because of their compact design and high reliability. Turnfrom safety relays, in our offer you will also find:

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